Clematis ‚Bagatelle‘ [Dorothy Walton]

Clematis 'Bagatelle' [Dorothy Walton]

Plant Name Clematis ‚Bagatelle‘ [Dorothy Walton]
Late Large-Flowered Group

Clematis ‚Dorothy Walton‘,
Clematis ‚Drosy Wolten‘,
Clematis ‚Drossy Wolton‘

Jim Fisk gave it the name ‚Dorothy Walton‘ after one of his customers who found a specimen, unnamed, in her new garden. It later became apparent that the plant was almost certainly ‚Bagatelle‘. However, the ‚Dorothy Walton‘ name has stuck.
This distinctive cultivar is named after a small castle in the Bois de Bologne outside Paris where it has been grown for many years.

Normally the foliage should be in the Sun while the roots are kept cool in the shade and moist.

„All Clematis need a deep rich loam and they like lime. On thin soils, calcareous types included, they are a failure. Heavy clay is excellent if it is broken up and mixed with weathered ashes and leafmould. Dig the soil deeply and add plenty of old, well-rotted cow manure. The best time for planting is September and October, the preparation of the soil being done in the spring. The following March cut them back drastically to a bud within 6 inches (15 cms) of the base. This initial treatment of all types of Clematis encourages strong, healthy growth. Similarly, pinching out the tips of too vigorous shoots encourages them to branch and flower, but it should not be done later than June.“ from Climbing Plants and Some Wall Shrubs by Douglas Bartrum (Published by The Garden Book Club in 1968).

Plant the top of the rootball about 3″ (3 inches = 7.5 cms) below the soil surface to reduce risk of clematis wilt, and water well.

Group 3 Late Season, large-flowered Clematis. This group includes cultivars that bear large flowers from summer to early autumn, cultivars that bear small flowers from summer to late autumn, and herbaceous midsummer to late autumn-blooming species and cultivars. Hard Prune – Cut back all the previous year’s stems to a pair of strong buds, 0.5 feet (0.5 feet = 6 inches = 15 cms) above soil level before growth begins in early spring. Flowers from Summer to early Autumn. Grow to clothe a wall, arbour, trellis or pergola.